Man pages for cfa
Configural Frequency Analysis (CFA)

cfaAnalysis of configuration frequencies
fCFAStepwise CFA approaches
hcfaHierachical analysis of configuration frequencies
mcfaTwo or more-sample CFA
plot.bcfaPlotting method for a bcfa object
plot.hcfaPlotting method for a hcfa object
plot.mcfaPlotting method for a mcfa object
plot.scfaPlotting method for a scfa object
print.bcfaPrint an object of the class hcfa
print.hcfaPrint an object of the class hcfa
print.mcfaPrint an object of the class mcfa
print.scfaPrint an object of the class scfa
PXisMTest according to Lindner
PXisMclassicTest according to Lindner
scfaOne sample CFA
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