test_lros: Line-based Simard function Sample Data Set

Description Usage Format Source References


This is a set of input data to test the lros function.




A data frame containing 8 columns, 4 rows, including 1 header line.


no source


1. Simard, A.J., Eenigenburg, J.E., Adams, K.B., Nissen, R.L., Deacon, and Deacon, A.G. 1984. A general procedure for sampling and analyzing wildland fire spread.

2. Byram, G.M. 1959. Combustion of forest fuels. In: Davis, K.P. Forest Fire Control and Use. McGraw-Hill, New York.

3. Curry, J.R., and Fons, W.L. 1938. Rate of spread of surface fires in the Ponderosa Pine Type of California. Journal of Agricultural Research 57(4): 239-267.

4. Simard, A.J., Deacon, A.G., and Adams, K.B. 1982. Nondirectional sampling wildland fire spread. Fire Technology: 221-228.

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