Man pages for cgwtools
Miscellaneous Tools

approxeqDo "fuzzy" equality and return a logical vector.
askrmInteractive application of selected function a list of...
cgwtools-packageA collection of tools that the author finds handy
getstackReturns the current directory stack that pushd and popd...
inverse.seqleInverse of 'seqle'
lsclassQ&D function to list all objects with the specified 'class...
lsdataList all objects in an '.Rdata' file.
lsdimReturn dimensions of arguments, or lengths if dim==NULL.
lssizeList the sizes of all selected objects.
lstypeList all objects of the specified type.
mystatCalculate and display basic statistics for an object.
popdPerforms equivalent of 'bash' command with same name
pushdPerforms equivalent of 'bash' command with same name
resaveAdd some objects to an existing '.Rdata' - type file.
seqleExtends 'rle' to find and encode linear sequences.
shortReturns a small sample of the specified data set.
splatndExecute simple zero-argument functions
thekurtCalculates the kurtosis of the input data set.
theskewCalculates the skew of a dataset.
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