Man pages for checkr
Check the Properties of Common R Objects

check_attributesCheck Attributes
check_characterCheck Character
check_chrCheck String
check_classesCheck Classes
check_colnamesCheck Colnames
check_countCheck Count
check_dataCheck Data
check_dateCheck Date
check_dblCheck Dbl
check_dttmCheck Date Time
check_environmentCheck Environment
check_flag_naCheck Flag or NA
check_functionCheck Function
check_greplCheck Matches Regular Expression
check_homogenousCheck Homogenous
check_inheritsCheck Inherits
check_intCheck Int
check_integerCheck Integer
check_intersectionCheck Atomic Vector Intersection
check_joinCheck Join
check_keyCheck Key
check_lengthCheck Length
check_length1Check Length One
check_levelsCheck Levels
check_lglCheck Flag
check_listCheck List
check_logicalCheck Logical
check_missing_colnamesCheck Missing Colnames
check_missing_namesCheck Missing Names
check_nameCheck Name
check_namedCheck Named
check_namesCheck Names
check_ncharCheck Number of Characters
check_ncolCheck Number of Columns
check_neg_dblCheck Negative Dbl
check_neg_intCheck Negative Int
check_nlevelsCheck nlevels
check_no_attributesCheck No Attributes
check_noneg_dblCheck Non-Negative Dbl
check_noneg_intCheck Non-Negative Int
check_nrowCheck Number of Rows
check_nullCheck NULL
check_numericCheck Numeric
checkorCheck OR
check_patternCheck Pattern
check_pos_dblCheck Positive Dbl
check_pos_intCheck Positive Int
check_probCheck Probability
check_propsCheck Proportions
check_rbindCheck Row Bind
checkr-packagecheckr: Check the Properties of Common R Objects
check_scalarCheck Scalar
check_sortedCheck Sorted
check_tzoneCheck TimeZone
check_uniqueCheck Unique
check_unnamedCheck Unnamed
check_unusedCheck Unused
check_vectorCheck Atomic Vector
chk_max_dblMax Double
chk_max_intMax Int
chk_min_dblMin Double
chk_min_intMin Integer
chk_tiny_dblTiny Positive Double
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