Man pages for cimir
Interface to the CIMIS Web API

as_tibble_fixQuick Fix to as_tibble
basic_queryBasic Query
bind_recordsBind Records
cimircimir: Interface to CIMIS
cimir-defunctDefunct functions in package 'cimir'.
cimir_handlecimir curl handle
cimis_compass_to_degreesCompass Direction To Degrees
cimis_dataQuery CIMIS Data
cimis_degrees_to_compassDegrees to Compass Direction
cimis_flagsCIMIS Data Flags
cimis_format_locationFormat CIMIS Station Location
cimis_itemsCIMIS Data Items
cimis_split_querySplit CIMIS Query
cimis_stationQuery CIMIS Station Metadata
cimis_to_datetimeTo Datetime
record_to_dfRecord to Data Frame
set_keySpecify CIMIS API key
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