Man pages for circglmbayes
Bayesian Analysis of a Circular GLM

arcDistanceCompute the arc distance between two angular vectors
BF.circGLMObtain Bayes Factors or posterior odds from circGLM objects
circGLMFitting Bayesian circular General Linear Models
circglmbayescircglmbayes: A package for the Bayesian circular GLM.
circSDCompute the Circular Standard Deviation
coef.circGLMExtract circGLM Coefficients
essbhvBasic Human Values data
estimateDensityBySplineEstimate the density value from a sample by a spline...
fixResultNamesFix names for circGLM vector output
generateCircGLMDataGenerate data that follows the circular GLM model
getPMPObtain posterior model probabilities
IC_compare.circGLMCompare the information criteria of several circGLM models.
is.dichotomousCheck if a predictor is dichotomous
mcmc_summary.circGLMObtain different central tendencies and CIs from a circGLM...
medianDirectionCompute the median direction
modalDirectionEstimate the modal direction
plot.circGLMPlot circGLM object
plot_meanboxplot.circGLMPlot mean comparison boxplot from circGLM objects
plot_meancompare.circGLMPlot mean comparisons for a circGLM object
plot_predict.circGLMCreate a prediction plot from a circGLM object
plot_trace.circGLMMake traceplots for circGLM
plot_tracestack.circGLMPlot a stack of traceplots for a circGLM object
predict.circGLMObtain predictions for the circGLM model
predict_function.circGLMObtain a prediction function from a circGLM object
print_all.circGLMPrint all results from a circGLM object
print.circGLMPrint circGLM Object
print_coef.circGLMPrint circGLM coefficients
print_mcmc.circGLMPrint the mcmc results from a circGLM object
print_text.circGLMPrint the main results from a 'circGLM' object.
residuals.circGLMObtain residuals from a circGLM object
rvmcGenerate a random variate from the von Mises distribution
sampleKappaSample a value from the Bessel exponential distribution
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