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Circle CI API Client


This package provides functionality for interacting with the Circle CI API. Circle CI is a continuous integration provider which allows for automated testing of software each time that software is publicly committed to a repository on GitHub.

This package interacts with the Circle CI REST API and allows to execute tasks in R without visiting the the website. This includes monitoring builds, modifying build environment settings and environment variables, and cancelling or restarting builds.

Use of this package requires a Circle API key. Unless a key is already set, users will be guided through the creation of a key, API keys are disposable, but should still be treated securely.

The following functions simplify integrating R package testing and deployment with GitHub and Circle CI:

  • enable_repo() enables Circle CI for your repository,

  • use_circle_deploy() installs a public deploy key on GitHub and the corresponding private key on Circle CI to simplify deployments to GitHub from Circle CI.


## Not run: 
# check to see if you've authenticated correctly

## End(Not run)

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