Man pages for circumplex
Analysis and Visualization of Circular Data

anchorsDisplay the anchors of a circumplex instrument
aw2009Standardized octant scores on hypothetical circumplex scales
circumplex-packageAnalysis and visualization of circumplex data
csieCircumplex Scales of Interpersonal Efficacy
csigCircumplex Scales of Intergroup Goals
csipCircumplex Scales of Interpersonal Problems
csivCircumplex Scales of Interpersonal Values
ggsaveSave a ggplot with sensible defaults
html_renderFormat and render data frame as HTML table
igicrInterpersonal Goals Inventory for Children, Revised Version
iip32Inventory of Interpersonal Problems, Brief Version
iip64Inventory of Interpersonal Problems
iipscInventory of Interpersonal Problems, Short Circumplex
iis32Inventory of Interpersonal Strengths, Brief Version
iis64Inventory of Interpersonal Strengths
iitcInventory of Influence Tactics Circumplex
instrumentLoad a specific instrument object
instrumentsList all available instruments
ipipipcIPIP Interpersonal Circumplex
ipsatizeIpsatize circumplex items using deviation scoring across...
iscInterpersonal Sensitivities Circumplex
itemsDisplay the items of a circumplex instrument
jz2017Raw octant scores on real circumplex scales with covariates
mutateAdd new variables
normsDisplay the norms for a circumplex instrument
octantsAngular displacements for octant circumplex scales
pipePipe operator
polesAngular displacements for pole circumplex scales
quadrantsAngular displacements for quadrant circumplex scales
raw_iipscRaw item responses on real circumplex scales
scalesDisplay the scales of a circumplex instrument
scoreScore circumplex scales from item responses
selectSelect variables by name
ssm_analyzePerform analyses using the Structural Summary Method
ssm_appendCombine SSM tables
ssm_parametersCalculate Structural Summary Method parameters for a set of...
ssm_plotCreate a figure from SSM results
ssm_plot_circleCreate a Circular Plot of SSM Results
ssm_plot_contrastCreate a Difference Plot of SSM Contrast Results
ssm_scoreCalculate SSM parameters by row and add results as new...
ssm_tableCreate HTML table from SSM results or contrasts
standardizeStandardize circumplex scales using normative data
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
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