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Building and Training Neural Networks

ALEAccumulated Local Effect Plot (ALE)
analyze_trainingVisualize training of Neural Network
avgPoolAverage pooling layer
cito'cito': Building and training neural networks
coef.citocnnReturns list of parameters the neural network model currently...
coef.citodnnReturns list of parameters the neural network model currently...
conditionalEffectsCalculate average conditional effects
config_lr_schedulerCreation of customized learning rate scheduler objects
config_optimizerCreation of customized optimizer objects
config_tuningConfig hyperparameter tuning
continue_trainingContinues training of a model generated with 'dnn' or 'cnn'...
convConvolutional layer
create_architectureCNN architecture
findReTrmClasseslist of specials - taken from enum.R
linearLinear layer
maxPoolMaximum pooling layer
PDPPartial Dependence Plot (PDP)
plot.citoarchitecturePlot the CNN architecture
plot.citocnnPlot the CNN architecture
plot.citodnnCreates graph plot which gives an overview of the network...
predict.citocnnPredict from a fitted cnn model
predict.citodnnPredict from a fitted dnn model
print.avgPoolPrint pooling layer
print.citoarchitecturePrint class citoarchitecture
print.citocnnPrint class citocnn
print.citodnnPrint class citodnn
print.conditionalEffectsPrint average conditional effects
print.convPrint conv layer
print.linearPrint linear layer
print.maxPoolPrint pooling layer
print.summary.citodnnPrint method for class summary.citodnn
print.transferPrint transfer model
residuals.citodnnExtract Model Residuals
simulate_shapesData Simulation for CNN
summary.citocnnSummary citocnn
summary.citodnnSummarize Neural Network of class citodnn
sumTermscombine a list of formula terms as a sum
transferTransfer learning
tuneTune hyperparameter
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