Man pages for clarifai
Access to Clarifai API

clarifai_check_authCheck if authentication information is in the environment
clarifai_check_resultsCheck results
clarifai_check_tokenCheck if authentication token is in the environment
clarifai-packageclarifai: Get Description of (Moving) Images
clarifai_POSTBase POST AND GET functions. Not exported.
feedbackProvide Feedback on Tags of an Image
get_colorGet the dominant colors present in images or videos
get_color_urlsGet the dominant colors present in images or videos
get_infoGet Information
get_langsList all the languages that the tag API call supports
get_tokenGet Access Token
get_usageGet API usage for the current month and hour
secret_idSets Application ID and Secret
tag_imagesTag Images on the Computer
tag_image_urlsTag Remote Images
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