Man pages for cliapp
Create Rich Command Line Applications

builtin_themeThe built-in CLI theme
cli_alertCLI alerts
cliappCreate Rich Command Line Applications
cli_divGeneric CLI container
cli_dlDefinition list
cli_endClose a CLI container
cli_h1CLI headers
cli_itCLI list item(s)
cli_olOrdered CLI list
cli_parCLI paragraph
cli_progress_barCLI progress bar
cli_textCLI text
cli_ulUnordered CLI list
cli_verbatimCLI verbatim text
console_widthDetermine the width of the console
containersCLI containers
inline-markupCLI inline markup
simple_themeA simple CLI theme
start_appStart, stop, query the default cli application
themesCLI themes
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