Man pages for clickR
Fix Data and Create Report Tables from Different Objects

antimodaGet anti-mode
check_qualityChecks data quality of a variable
cluster_varClustering of variables
coefplotPlot of the coefficients of a model
descriptiveDetailed summary of the data
descriptivoDefunct function for creating data summaries
extreme_valuesExtreme values from a numeric vector
fix.datesFix dates
fix.factorsFix factors imported as numerics
fix.levelsFix levels
fix.numericsFix numeric data
fxdInternal function to fix.dates
GK_assocComputes Goodman and Kruskal's tau
good2goGood to go
grapes-greater-than-equals-NA-grapesgeq & not NA
grapes-greater-than-NA-grapesgreater & NA
grapes-less-than-equals-NA-grapesleq & not NA
grapes-less-than-NA-grapesless & NA
ipboxplotImproved boxplot
kill.factorsKill factors
kurtosisComputes kurtosis
make_csv_tableExport a table to excel
make_latex_tableExport a table to latex
make_tableMake a table from report
make_word_tableExport a table to word
matrixPasteAuxiliary matrix paste function
may.numericChecks if each value might be numeric
mine.plotMine plot
modaGet mode
moda_contEstimates number of modes
mtapplyMultiple tapply
nearestInternal function for descriptive()
nice_namesNice names
numerosBrute numeric coercion
plot.reportmodelCoefplot for reportmodel objects
prop_mayGets proportion of most repeated value
prop_minGets proportion of least repeated value
reportGeneric function for reporting of models
report.betaregReport from beta regression model
report.brmsfitReport models from brms package
report.clmReport from ordinal model
report.clmmReport from ordinal mixed model
report.coxphReport from cox regression model tables of summary data
report.defaultDefault function for report
report.factorReport from categorical variable
report.glmReport from generalized linear model
report.glmerModReport from generalized linear mixed model
report.glmmadmbReport from generalized linear mixed model from ADMB
report.glmnetReport models from glmnet package
report.lmReport from linear model
report.lmerModReport from linear mixed model
report.lqmmReport from quantile mixed model
report.merModLmerTestReport from linear mixed model with pvalues
report.numericReport from numeric variable
report.rlmReport from robust linear model (rlm)
report.rqReport from quantile regression model
rob.ciFunction to compute bootstrap confidence intervals for robust...
rob.pvalsFunction to compute p-values for robust linear regression...
scale_01Scales data between 0 and 1
search_scriptsSearch scripts
set_nomsSet header names for word tables
skewnessComputes skewness
ttrueTrue TRUE
VarCorrGeneric VarCorr function
workspaceExplores global environment workspace
workspace_sapplyApplies a function over objects of a specific class
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