clickstream: Analyzes Clickstreams Based on Markov Chains

A set of tools to read, analyze and write lists of click sequences on websites (i.e., clickstream). A click can be represented by a number, character or string. Clickstreams can be modeled as zero- (only computes occurrence probabilities), first- or higher-order Markov chains.

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AuthorMichael Scholz
Date of publication2017-04-10 11:45:19 UTC
MaintainerMichael Scholz <>

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absorbingStates Man page
absorbingStates,MarkovChain-method Man page
as.transactions Man page
clickstream Man page
clickstream-package Man page
clusterClickstreams Man page
fitMarkovChain Man page
frequencies Man page
hmPlot Man page
hmPlot,MarkovChain-method Man page
initialize,Pattern-method Man page
MarkovChain-class Man page
MarkovChain-class,MarkovChain-method Man page
Pattern-class Man page
Pattern-class,Pattern-method Man page
+,Pattern,Pattern-method Man page
plot,MarkovChain-method Man page
predict.ClickstreamClusters Man page
predict,MarkovChain-method Man page
print.ClickstreamClusters Man page
print.Clickstreams Man page
print.MarkovChainSummary Man page
randomClicks Man page
randomClicks,MarkovChain-method Man page
randomClickstreams Man page
readClickstreams Man page
show Man page
show,MarkovChain-method Man page
show,Pattern-method Man page
states Man page
states,MarkovChain-method Man page
summary.ClickstreamClusters Man page
summary.Clickstreams Man page
summary,MarkovChain-method Man page
summary-methods Man page
transientStates Man page
transientStates,MarkovChain-method Man page
writeClickstreams Man page

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