calc_returnValue_fevd: Calculates return value and standard error given return...

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Calculates return value (also known as the return level) given return period(s) of interest, using model fit from extRemes::fevd. Standard error is obtained via the delta method. The return value is the value for which the expected number of blocks until an event that exceeds that value is equal to the return period. For non-stationary models (those that include covariates for the location, scale, and/or shape parameters, return values and standard errors are returned for as many sets of covariates as provided.


calc_returnValue_fevd(fit, returnPeriod, covariates = NULL)



fitted object from extRemes fevd


value(s) for which return value is desired


matrix of covariate values, each row a set of covariates for which the return value is desired

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