Man pages for cloudml
Interface to the Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform

cloudml_deployDeploy SavedModel to CloudML
cloudml-packageInterface to the Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform
cloudml_predictPerform Prediction over a CloudML Model.
cloudml_trainTrain a model using Cloud ML
gcloud_execExecutes a Google Cloud Command
gcloud_initInitialize the Google Cloud SDK
gcloud_installInstall the Google Cloud SDK
gcloud_terminalCreate an RStudio terminal with access to the Google Cloud...
gcloud_versionGcloud version
gs_copyCopy files to / from Google Storage
gs_data_dirGoogle storage bucket path that syncs to local storage when...
gs_data_dir_localGet a local path to the contents of Google Storage bucket
gs_local_dirAlias to gs_data_dir_local() function
gs_rsyncSynchronize content of two buckets/directories
gsutil_execExecutes a Google Utils Command
job_cancelCancel a job
job_collectCollect job output
job_listList all jobs
job_statusCurrent status of a job
job_stream_logsShow job log stream
job_trialsCurrent trials of a job
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