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Central Limit Theorem Experiments (Theoretical and Simulation)

beta.simu.plotHistogram and Q-Q plot of simulated Beta distribution
binom.simu.plotHistogram and Q-Q plot of simulated Binomial distribution
chisq.simu.plotHistogram and Q-Q plot of simulated Chi-Squared distribution
coinTheoretical Probability Distribution of Flipping Coins
coin.plotTheoretical Probability Distribution Plot of Flipping Coins
coin.simuProbability Distribution of Simulated Coins Flipping
coin.simu.plotProbability Distribution Plot of Simulated Coins Flipping
diceTheoretical Probability Distribution of Rolling Dice
dice.plotTheoretical Probability Distribution Plot of Rolling Dice
dice.simuProbability Distribution of Simulated Dice Rolling
dice.simu.plotProbability Distribution Plot of Simulated Dice Rolling
distr.simu.plotHistogram and Q-Q plot of any given continuous distribution
expo.simu.plotHistogram and Q-Q plot of simulated Exponential distribution
exptTheoretical Probability Distribution of General Experiment
expt.mseMean square error of simulated experiments
expt.plotTheoretical Probability Distribution Plot of General...
expt.simuProbability Distribution of Simulated General Experiments
expt.simu.plotProbability Distribution Plot of Simulated General...
gamm.simu.plotHistogram and Q-Q plot of simulated Gamma distribution
geom.simu.plotHistogram and Q-Q plot of simulated Geometric distribution
hyper.simu.plotHistogram and Q-Q plot of simulated Hypergeometric...
nbinom.simu.plotHistogram and Q-Q plot of simulated Negative Binomial...
normal.simu.plotHistogram and Q-Q plot of simulated Normal distribution
pois.simu.plotHistogram and Q-Q plot of simulated Poisson distribution
unif.simu.plotHistogram and Q-Q plot of simulated Uniform distribution
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