Man pages for clustra
Clustering Longitudinal Trajectories

allpair_RandIndexallpair_RandIndex: helper for replicated cluster comparison
check_dfChecks if non-empty groups have enough data for spline fit...
clustraCluster longitudinal trajectories over time
clustra_randclustra_rand: Rand Index cluster evaluation
clustra_silclustra_sil: Prepare silhouette plot data for several k or...
deltimeTiming function
gen_traj_dataData Generators
mse_gLoss functions
oneidGenerates data for one 'id'
pred_gFunction to predict for new data based on fitted gam object.
rand_plotMatrix plot of Rand Index comparison of replicated clusters
start_groupsFunction to assign starting groups.
tps_gFits a thin plate spline to a single group with 'bam'.
trajectoriesCluster longitudinal trajectories over time.
traj_repFunction to run trajectories inside mclapply with one core.
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