Man pages for clustrd
Methods for Joint Dimension Reduction and Clustering

briberyBribery cases in Russia
clusmcaJoint dimension reduction and clustering of categorical data.
cluspcaJoint dimension reduction and clustering of continuous data.
cluspcamixJoint dimension reduction and clustering of mixed-type data.
cmcContraceptive Choice in Indonesia
diamondDiamond Stone Pricing
global_bootclusGlobal stabiliy assessment of Joint Dimension Reduction and...
hsqHumor Styles
local_bootclusCluster-wise stability assessment of Joint Dimension...
macroEconomic Indicators of 20 OECD countries for 1999
plot.clusmcaPlotting function for 'clusmca()' output.
plot.cluspcaPlotting function for 'cluspca()' output.
plot.cluspcamixPlotting function for 'cluspcamix()' output.
tuneclusCluster quality assessment for a range of clusters and...
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