Man pages for cmaesr
Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy

callMonitorHelper to call certain step function of a monitor.
getDefaultStoppingConditionsReturn list of default stopping conditions.
makeMonitorFactory method for monitor objects.
makeSimpleMonitorGenerator for simple monitor.
makeStoppingConditionGenerate a stopping condition object.
makeVisualizingMonitorGenerator for visualizing monitor.
stopOnCondCovStopping condition: high condition number.
stopOnMaxEvalsStopping condition: maximal funtion evaluations.
stopOnMaxItersStopping condition: maximal iterations.
stopOnNoEffectAxisStopping condition: principal axis.
stopOnNoEffectCoordStopping condition: standard deviation in coordinates.
stopOnOptParamStopping condition: optimal params.
stopOnOptValueStopping condition: optimal objective value.
stopOnTimeBudgetStopping condition: maximal time.
stopOnTolXStopping condition: low standard deviation.
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