Man pages for cmfrec
Collective Matrix Factorization for Recommender Systems

CMF.from.model.matricesCreate a CMF model object from fitted matrices
drop.nonessential.matricesDrop matrices that are not used for prediction
factorsCalculate latent factors on new data
factors_singleCalculate latent factors for a new user
fitMatrix Factorization Models
imputeXImpute missing entries in 'X' data
item_factorsDetermine latent factors for a new item
precompute.for.predictionsPrecompute matrices to use for predictions
predict.cmfrecPredict entries in the factorized 'X' matrix
predict_newPredict entries in new 'X' data
predict_new_itemsPredict new columns of 'X' given item attributes
print.cmfrecGet information about factorization model
summary.cmfrecGet information about factorization model
swap.users.and.itemsSwap users and items in the model
topNCalulate top-N predictions for a new or existing user
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