cmsaf: Tools for CM SAF NetCDF Data

The Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring (CM SAF) is a ground segment of the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) and one of EUMETSATs Satellite Application Facilities. The CM SAF contributes to the sustainable observing of the climate system by providing Essential Climate Variables related to the energy and water cycle of the atmosphere (<>). It is a joint cooperation of seven National Meteorological and Hydrological Services, including the Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD). The 'cmsaf' R-package provides a small collection of R-functions, which are inspired by the Climate Data Operators ('cdo'). This gives the opportunity to analyse and manipulate CM SAF data without the need of installing cdo. The 'cmsaf' R-package is tested for CM SAF NetCDF data, which are structured in three-dimensional arrays (longitude, latitude, time) on a rectangular grid. Layered CM SAF data have to be converted with the provided 'levbox_mergetime()' function. The 'cmsaf' R-package functions have only minor checks for deviations from the recommended data structure, and give only few specific error messages. Thus, there is no warranty of accurate results. Scripts for an easy application of the functions are provided at the CM SAF homepage (<>).

AuthorSteffen Kothe <>
Date of publication2017-03-14 17:01:13
MaintainerSteffen Kothe <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

box_mergetime: Function to combine NetCDF files and simultaneously cut a...

change_att: Change attributes of a NetCDF variable.

checkfile: Check the filename and directory.

cmsaf.add: Add the fields of two input NetCDF files.

cmsaf.addc: Add a constant to a dataset.

cmsaf.div: Divide the fields of two input NetCDF files.

cmsaf.divc: Divide data by a constant.

cmsaf.mul: Multiply the fields of two input NetCDF files.

cmsaf.mulc: Multiply data with a constant.

cmsaf-package: cmsaf

cmsaf.sub: Subtract the fields of two input NetCDF files.

cmsaf.subc: Subtract a constant from a dataset.

dayrange: This function determines the diurnal range.

divdpm: Divide by days per month.

extract.level: Extract levels from 4-dimensional NetCDF files.

extract.period: Remove a time period.

fldmax: Determine the field maximum.

fldmean: Determine the field mean.

fldmin: Determine the field minimum.

get_time: Convert time steps to POSIXct.

levbox_mergetime: Function to combine NetCDF files and simultaneously cut a...

mon.anomaly: Determine monthly anomalies.

monmax: Determine monthly maxima.

monmean: Determine monthly means.

monmin: Determine monthly minima.

monsd: Determine monthly standard deviation.

monsum: Determine monthly sums.

muldpm: Multiply by days per month.

multimonmean: Determine multi-monthly means.

multimonsum: Determine multi-monthly sums.

ncinfo: Get information about the content of a NetCDF file.

read_nc: Read NetCDF variable.

remapbil: Bilinear grid interpolation.

seas.anomaly: Determine seasonal anomalies.

seasmean: Determine seasonal means.

sellonlatbox: Select a region by longitude and latitude.

selmon: Extract a list of months.

selperiod: Extract a list of dates.

selpoint: Extract data at a given point.

seltime: Extract specific timestep.

selyear: Extract a list of years.

timmax: Determine all-time maxima.

timmean: Determine mean of a timeseries.

timmin: Determine all-time minima.

timsd: Determine all-time seasonal standard deviations.

trend: Determine linear trends.

wfldmean: Determine the weighted field mean.

year.anomaly: Determine annual anomalies.

yearmean: Determine annual means

yearsum: Determine annual sums.

ymonmax: Determine multi-year monthly maxima.

ymonmean: Determine multi-year monthly means.

ymonmin: Determine multi-year monthly minima.

ymonsd: Determine multi-year monthly standard deviations.

ymonsum: Determine multi-year monthly sums.

yseasmax: Determine multi-year seasonal maxima.

yseasmean: Determine multi-year seasonal means.

yseasmin: Determine multi-year seasonal minima.

yseassd: Determine multi-year seasonal standard deviations.


box_mergetime Man page
change_att Man page
checkfile Man page
cmsaf Man page
cmsaf.add Man page
cmsaf.addc Man page
cmsaf.div Man page
cmsaf.divc Man page
cmsaf.mul Man page
cmsaf.mulc Man page
cmsaf-package Man page
cmsaf.sub Man page
cmsaf.subc Man page
dayrange Man page
divdpm Man page
extract.level Man page
extract.period Man page
fldmax Man page
fldmean Man page
fldmin Man page
get_time Man page
levbox_mergetime Man page
mon.anomaly Man page
monmax Man page
monmean Man page
monmin Man page
monsd Man page
monsum Man page
muldpm Man page
multimonmean Man page
multimonsum Man page
ncinfo Man page
read_nc Man page
remapbil Man page
seas.anomaly Man page
seasmean Man page
sellonlatbox Man page
selmon Man page
selperiod Man page
selpoint Man page
seltime Man page
selyear Man page
timmax Man page
timmean Man page
timmin Man page
timsd Man page
trend Man page
wfldmean Man page
year.anomaly Man page
yearmean Man page
yearsum Man page
ymonmax Man page
ymonmean Man page
ymonmin Man page
ymonsd Man page
ymonsum Man page
yseasmax Man page
yseasmean Man page
yseasmin Man page
yseassd Man page


cmsaf/R/seas.anomaly.R cmsaf/R/yearsum.R cmsaf/R/seltime.R cmsaf/R/trend.R cmsaf/R/cmsaf.addc.R cmsaf/R/levbox_mergetime.R cmsaf/R/cmsaf.divc.R cmsaf/R/ymonmean.R cmsaf/R/fldmean.R cmsaf/R/selmon.R cmsaf/R/checkfile.R cmsaf/R/dayrange.R cmsaf/R/selperiod.R cmsaf/R/fldmin.R cmsaf/R/ymonsum.R cmsaf/R/multimonsum.R cmsaf/R/sellonlatbox.R cmsaf/R/cmsaf.subc.R cmsaf/R/yearmean.R cmsaf/R/cmsaf.mul.R cmsaf/R/yseassd.R cmsaf/R/seasmean.R cmsaf/R/monmin.R cmsaf/R/extract.period.R cmsaf/R/cmsaf.add.R cmsaf/R/remapbil.R cmsaf/R/timmean.R cmsaf/R/read_nc.R cmsaf/R/ymonmax.R cmsaf/R/yseasmean.R cmsaf/R/fldmax.R cmsaf/R/wfldmean.R cmsaf/R/multimonmean.R cmsaf/R/monsum.R cmsaf/R/yseasmin.R cmsaf/R/yseasmax.R cmsaf/R/cmsaf.sub.R cmsaf/R/timmax.R cmsaf/R/cmsaf.mulc.R cmsaf/R/timmin.R cmsaf/R/divdpm.R cmsaf/R/mon.anomaly.R cmsaf/R/box_mergetime.R cmsaf/R/ymonmin.R cmsaf/R/change_att.R cmsaf/R/monmax.R cmsaf/R/monsd.R cmsaf/R/monmean.R cmsaf/R/timsd.R cmsaf/R/extract.level.R cmsaf/R/selpoint.R cmsaf/R/muldpm.R cmsaf/R/get_time.R cmsaf/R/ymonsd.R cmsaf/R/selyear.R cmsaf/R/ncinfo.R cmsaf/R/year.anomaly.R cmsaf/R/cmsaf.div.R
cmsaf/man/fldmin.Rd cmsaf/man/yseassd.Rd cmsaf/man/selpoint.Rd cmsaf/man/seltime.Rd cmsaf/man/monsum.Rd cmsaf/man/remapbil.Rd cmsaf/man/change_att.Rd cmsaf/man/cmsaf.divc.Rd cmsaf/man/extract.level.Rd cmsaf/man/yseasmean.Rd cmsaf/man/checkfile.Rd cmsaf/man/monsd.Rd cmsaf/man/selyear.Rd cmsaf/man/ymonmin.Rd cmsaf/man/timsd.Rd cmsaf/man/yseasmax.Rd cmsaf/man/cmsaf.subc.Rd cmsaf/man/muldpm.Rd cmsaf/man/mon.anomaly.Rd cmsaf/man/selmon.Rd cmsaf/man/yearsum.Rd cmsaf/man/seas.anomaly.Rd cmsaf/man/cmsaf.mul.Rd cmsaf/man/read_nc.Rd cmsaf/man/monmean.Rd cmsaf/man/cmsaf.addc.Rd cmsaf/man/cmsaf-package.Rd cmsaf/man/multimonmean.Rd cmsaf/man/trend.Rd cmsaf/man/year.anomaly.Rd cmsaf/man/timmax.Rd cmsaf/man/box_mergetime.Rd cmsaf/man/ymonmax.Rd cmsaf/man/extract.period.Rd cmsaf/man/divdpm.Rd cmsaf/man/ymonsd.Rd cmsaf/man/ymonsum.Rd cmsaf/man/monmax.Rd cmsaf/man/sellonlatbox.Rd cmsaf/man/dayrange.Rd cmsaf/man/yearmean.Rd cmsaf/man/multimonsum.Rd cmsaf/man/fldmean.Rd cmsaf/man/ncinfo.Rd cmsaf/man/timmin.Rd cmsaf/man/yseasmin.Rd cmsaf/man/cmsaf.add.Rd cmsaf/man/levbox_mergetime.Rd cmsaf/man/cmsaf.mulc.Rd cmsaf/man/get_time.Rd cmsaf/man/seasmean.Rd cmsaf/man/monmin.Rd cmsaf/man/selperiod.Rd cmsaf/man/fldmax.Rd cmsaf/man/wfldmean.Rd cmsaf/man/cmsaf.div.Rd cmsaf/man/cmsaf.sub.Rd cmsaf/man/timmean.Rd cmsaf/man/ymonmean.Rd

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