Man pages for cmsafops
Tools for CM SAF NetCDF Data

acsaf_box_mergetimeFunction to combine ACSAF NetCDF files and simultaneously cut...
add_grid_infoAdd grid info
box_mergetimeFunction to combine NetCDF files and simultaneously cut a...
calc_allDatesNcDesigned for the CM SAF R Toolbox.
calc_overlapping_timeRoutine to calculate overlapping time periods in two files.
calc_timestepNcDesigned for the CM SAF R Toolbox.
change_attChange attributes of a NetCDF variable.
check.coordinate.systemDesigned for the CM SAF R Toolbox.
cmsaf.absDetermine absolute values
cmsaf.addAdd the fields of two input NetCDF files.
cmsaf.addcAdd a constant to a dataset.
cmsaf.adjust.two.filesRoutine to adjust the time dimensions and coordinates in two...
cmsaf.catConcatenate datasets of several NetCDF input files.
cmsaf.detrendLinear detrending of time series
cmsaf.divDivide the fields of two input NetCDF files.
cmsaf.divcDivide data by a constant. Mann-Kendall trend test.
cmsaf.mulMultiply the fields of two input NetCDF files.
cmsaf.mulcMultiply data with a constant.
cmsafopscmsafops: A package for analyzing and manipulating CM SAF...
cmsaf.regresEstimate regression parameter
cmsaf.statsCalculates the rmse, mae, bias, correlation in grid space of...
cmsaf.stats.station.dataCalculates the rmse, mae, bias, correlation over time of a...
cmsaf.subSubtract the fields of two input NetCDF files.
cmsaf.subcSubtract a constant from a dataset.
cmsaf.sub.relSubtract the fields of two input NetCDF files (relative)....
cmsaf.transform.coordinate.systemTransform the coordinate system to -180 to 180 longitude of...
dayavgDetermine daily averages
daymaxDetermine daily maxima
daymeanDetermine daily means
dayminDetermine daily minima
daypctlDetermine daily percentiles
dayrangeThis function determines the diurnal range.
daysdDetermine daily standard deviations
daysumDetermine daily sums
dayvarDetermine daily variances
divdpmDivide by days per month.
extract.levelExtract levels from 4-dimensional NetCDF files.
extract.periodRemove a time period.
fldcorDetermine correlations in grid space.
fldcovarDetermine covariances in grid space.
fldmaxDetermine the spatial maximum
fldmeanDetermine the spatial mean
fldminDetermine the spatial minimum.
fldrangeDetermine the spatial range
fldsdDetermine the spatial standard deviation
fldsumDetermine the spatial sum
get_date_timeGet dates and times from NetCDF type date format.
get_dimensionsDesigned for the CM SAF R Toolbox.
get_nc_versionDesigned for the CM SAF R Toolbox.
get_processing_time_stringGet processing time string
get_timeConvert time steps to POSIXct.
get_time_infoDesigned for the CM SAF R Toolbox.
gridboxmaxDetermine maxima of selected grid boxes
gridboxmeanDetermine means of selected grid boxes
gridboxminDetermine minima of selected grid boxes
gridboxrangeDetermine ranges of selected grid boxes
gridboxsdDetermine standard deviations of selected grid boxes
gridboxsumDetermine sums of selected grid boxes
gridboxvarDetermine variances of selected grid boxes
hourmeanDetermine hourly means
hoursumDetermine hourly sums
levbox_mergetimeFunction to combine NetCDF files and simultaneously cut a...
mermeanDetermine meridional means
mon.anomalyDetermine monthly anomalies
mon.anomaly.climatologyDesigned for the CM SAF R Toolbox.
monavgDetermine monthly averages
mondaymeanDetermine mean monthly daily variations
monmaxDetermine monthly maxima.
monmeanDetermine monthly means
monminDetermine monthly minima
monpctlDetermine monthly percentiles
monsdDetermine monthly standard deviations
monsumDetermine monthly sums
monvarDetermine monthly variance
muldpmMultiply by days per month.
multimonmeanDetermine multi-monthly means
multimonsumDetermine multi-monthly sums
ncinfoGet information about the content of a NetCDF file.
read_fileDesigned for the CM SAF R Toolbox.
read_ncvarRead NetCDF variable.
remapGrid interpolation.
runmaxDetermine running maxima
runmeanDetermine running means
runminDetermine running minima
runrangeDetermine running range
runsdDetermine running standard deviation
runsumDetermine running sums
seas.anomalyDetermine seasonal anomalies.
seasmeanDetermine seasonal means
seassdDetermine seasonal standard deviations
seassumDetermine seasonal sums
seasvarDetermine seasonal variances
sellonlatboxSelect a region by longitude and latitude.
selmonExtract a list of months.
selperiodExtract a list of dates.
selpointExtract data at a given point.
selpoint.multiExtract data at multiple points.
seltimeExtract specific timestep.
selyearExtract a list of years.
timcorDetermine correlations over time.
timcovarDetermine covariances over time.
timcumsumAccumulate data of NetCDF file.
timmaxDetermine all-time maxima.
timmeanDetermine all-time mean.
timminDetermine all-time minima.
timpctlDetermine percentile over all timesteps.
timsdDetermine all-time standard deviations.
timselmeanDetermine time selection means
timselsumDetermine time selection sums
timsumDetermine all-time sum.
trendDetermine linear trends.
trend_advancedDetermine multiple linear trends.
wfldmeanDetermine the weighted spatial mean.
ydaymaxDetermine multi-year daily maxima
ydaymeanDetermine multi-year daily means.
ydayminDetermine multi-year daily minima
ydayrangeDetermine multi-year daily range
ydaysdDetermine multi-year daily standard deviations
ydaysumDetermine multi-year daily sums
ydrunmeanDetermine multi-year daily running means.
ydrunsdDetermine multi-year daily running standard deviations
ydrunsumDetermine multi-year daily running sums
year.anomalyDetermine annual anomalies.
yearmaxDetermine annual maxima
yearmeanDetermine annual means
yearminDetermine annual minima
yearrangeDetermine annual range
yearsdDetermine annual standard deviation
yearsumDetermine annual sums
yearvarDetermine annual variance
ymonmaxDetermine multi-year monthly maxima.
ymonmeanDetermine multi-year monthly means.
ymonminDetermine multi-year monthly minima.
ymonsdDetermine multi-year monthly standard deviations.
ymonsumDetermine multi-year monthly sums.
yseasmaxDetermine multi-year seasonal maxima.
yseasmeanDetermine multi-year seasonal means.
yseasminDetermine multi-year seasonal minima.
yseassdDetermine multi-year seasonal standard deviations.
zonmeanDetermine zonal means
zonsumDetermine zonal sums
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