Man pages for cobs
Constrained B-Splines (Sparse Matrix Based)

cobsCOnstrained B-Splines Nonparametric Regression Quantiles
cobs-internalInternal COBS functions
cobs-methodsMethods for COBS Objects
conregConvex / Concave Regression
conreg-methodsSummary Methods for 'conreg' Objects
drqssbcRegression Quantile Smoothing Spline with Constraints
DublinWindDaily Wind Speeds in Dublin
exHeSmall Dataset Example of He
globtempAnnual Average Global Surface Temperature
interpSplineCon(Cubic) Interpolation Spline from "conreg" auxiliary for constructing pointwise constraint...
plot.cobsPlot Method for COBS Objects
predict.cobsPredict method for COBS Fits
qbsksQuantile B-Spline with Fixed Knots
USArmyRoofsRoof Quality in US Army Bases
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