Man pages for coca
Cluster-of-Clusters Analysis

buildMOCBuild Matrix-Of-Clusters
chooseKusingAUCChoose number of clusters based on AUC
cocaCluster-Of-Clusters Analysis
computeAUCCompute Area Under the Curve (AUC)
consensusClusterConsensus clustering
expandMOCExpand matrix of clusters
fillMOCFill Matrix-Of-Clusters
maximiseSilhouetteChoose K that maximises the silhouette from a set of kernel...
plotDeltaAUCPlot area under the curve
plotDunn2sPlot Dunn's alternative index
plotDunnsPlot Dunn's index
plotMOCPlot Matrix-Of-Clusters
plotSilhouettePlot silhouette
plotWidestGapPlot widest gap
stratifiedSamplingForCVDivide data into 5 subsets using stratified sampling
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