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Deterministic Categorization of Items Based on External Code Data

aeClasscodes for adverse events after knee and hip arthroplasty
all_classcodesSummary data for all default classcodes object in the package output from classify() to...
as.keyvalue.classcodesMake keyvalue object from classcodes object
categorizeCategorize cases based on external data and classification...
charlsonClasscodes for Charlson comorbidity based on ICD-codes
classcodesClasscodes methods
classifyClassify codified data
clean_textMake clean text with only lowercase alphanumeric characters...
codebookcodebook(s) for classcodes object
coder-packagecoder: Deterministic Categorization of Items Based on...
codifyCodify case data with external code data (within specified...
colsReturn all columns from x with names matching "find"
copybigDecide if large objects should be copied
cpsClasscodes for the comorbidity-polypharmacy score (CPS) based...
elixhauserClasscodes for Elixhauser based on ICD-codes
ex_atcExample data for random ATC codes
ex_icd10Example data for random codes assigned to random people
ex_peopleExample data for random people
hip_ae_hailerClasscodes for infection and dislocation after hip...
index_funCalculate index based on classification scheme
print.classcodesPrint classcodes object
print.classifiedPrinting classified data
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rxriskvClasscodes for RxRisk V based on ATC codes
set_classcodesSet classcodes object
summary.classcodesSummarizing a classcodes object
visualize.classcodesVisualize classification scheme in web browser
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