coefplot: Plots Coefficients from Fitted Models

Plots the coefficients from model objects. This very quickly shows the user the point estimates and confidence intervals for fitted models.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorJared P. Lander
Date of publication2016-01-10 09:03:26
MaintainerJared P. Lander <>
LicenseBSD_3_clause + file LICENSE

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buildModelCI Man page
buildModelCI.default Man page
buildPlotting.default Man page
coefplot Man page Man page
coefplot.default Man page
coefplot.glm Man page
coefplot.lm Man page
coefplot-package Man page
coefplot.rxGlm Man page
coefplot.rxLinMod Man page
coefplot.rxLogit Man page
doRegex Man page
extract.coef Man page Man page
extract.coef.default Man page
extract.coef.glm Man page
extract.coef.glmnet Man page
extract.coef.lm Man page
extract.coef.maxLik Man page
extract.coef.rxGlm Man page
extract.coef.rxLinMod Man page
extract.coef.rxLogit Man page
get.assign Man page
get.assign.glm Man page
get.assign.lm Man page
getCoefsFromPredictors Man page
getCoefsFromPredictors.default Man page
getCoefsFromPredictorsRevo Man page
getCoefsFromPredictors.rxGlm Man page
getCoefsFromPredictors.rxLinMod Man page
getCoefsFromPredictors.rxLogit Man page
matchCoefs Man page
matchCoefs.default Man page
multiplot Man page
plotcoef Man page
position_dodgev Man page

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