Man pages for coenocliner
Coenocline Simulation

coenoclineSimulate species abundance (counts) or occurrence along one...
coenoclinerA coenocline simulation package for R
coenocliner-internalPretty Display of a Matrix or Data Frame
distributionsWrappers to random number generators for use with coenocliner
expandAn 'expand.grid'-like function that repeats sets of vectors...
locationsExtract Gradient Locations
persp.coenoclinePerspective Plot of Species Simulations Along Gradients
plot.coenoclinePlot species simulations along gradients
showParamsList parameters of species response models
simJamilSimulate species abundance data following Jamil & ter Braak...
species-responseSpecies response models for coenocline simulation
stack.coenoclineStack columns of a species coenocline simulation
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