Man pages for cogmapr
Cognitive Mapping Tools Based on Coding of Textual Sources

cogmapr-packagecogmapr: Cognitive Mapping Tools Based on Coding of Textual...
ConceptCentralityCentralities of concepts
ConceptCentralityIndivCentrality of vertices by document
ConceptIndegreeIndegrees of concepts
ConceptIndegreeIndivIndegree of vertices by document
ConceptIndicatorsConcepts indicators of a Social Cognitive Map
ConceptIndicatorsICMConcept Indicators of vertices by document (tidy data)
ConceptIndicIndivConcept Indicators of vertices by document
ConceptIndicSummarySummary table on concept comparisons by indicator
ConceptOutdegreeCompute the outdegree of concepts
ConceptOutdegreeIndivOutdegree of vertices by document
ConceptTestCompare value of concepts indicators between maps
ConceptTestSummarySummary table on concept comparisons
coordCMapCoordinates of the vertices of a Cognitive Map
data.ggCMapData collection for ggCMap
df.quotes.scm.conceptExtract the quotes of a project linked to selected concepts
df.quotes.scm.edgeExtract the quotes of a project linked to selected...
EdgCMapExtract all edges from a Qualitative Data Analysis project
EdgSocCMapAggregation of the relationships identified in a serie of...
ggCMapPlot a social cognitive map using ggplot2
ggCMap.bgGhost cognitive map
ggCMap.hlHighlighted cognitive map
GraphIndicatorsGraph indicators of a social cognitive map
GraphIndicatorsICMGraph Indicators of vertices by document (tidy data)
GraphIndicatorsTableTable of graph indicators of a social cognitive map
IndCMapIndividual Cognitive Mapping
pipePipe operator
plotIndCMapPlotting an Individual Cognitive Map
plotSocCMapPlotting a Social Cognitive Map
ProjectCMapImport a Qualitatve Data Analysis project
QuotesCMapExtract all quotes of a QDA project
QuotesIndCMapExtract all quotes of a document (or an Individual Cognitivce...
QuotesSocCMapExtract all quotes of documents (or a Social Cognitivce Map)
RelationshipTestCompare relationships weight between maps
RelationshipTestSummarySummary table on relationship comparisons
RemoveCodingsRemove codings of a QDA project
SocCMapSocial Cognitive Mapping
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