Man pages for coinmarketcapr
Get 'Cryptocurrencies' Market Cap Prices from Coin Market Cap

coinmarketcaprcoinmarketcapr: Cryptocurrency Market Cap Prices from...
get_crypto_listingsGet latest/historical market data
get_crypto_mapGet active cryptocurrencies
get_crypto_marketpairsList all active market pairs
get_crypto_metaGet static metdata
get_crypto_ohlcvList latest/historical OHLCV values
get_crypto_quotesGet market quotes
get_exchange_mapGet all cryptocurrency exchanges
get_exchange_metaGet all cryptocurrency exchanges metadata
get_global_marketcapExtract Global Market Cap of Cryptocurrency Market
get_marketcap_ticker_allDeprecated use 'get_crypto_listings' instead.
get_valid_currenciesGet Valid Currencies
plot_top_currenciesPlot The Price of the Largest Market Cap Cryptocurrencies
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