Man pages for cointReg
Parameter Estimation and Inference in a Cointegrating Regression

checkDoptionsCheck list D.options.
checkObjectVariable check for single objects.
checkVarsMultiple variable checks for certain values.
cointRegEstimation and Inference for cointegrating regressions
cointRegDDynamic OLS
cointRegFMFully Modified OLS
cointRegIMIntegrated Modified OLS
cointReg-packageThe cointReg package
getBandwidthAutomatic Bandwidth Selection
getLeadLagLeads and Lags
getLongRunVarLong-Run Variance
getLongRunWeightsWeights for Long-Run Variance
getModDGet D OLS model.
makeLeadLagMatrixLeads-and-Lags Matrix
plot.cointRegPlot Method for Cointegration Models (Modified OLS).
print.cointRegPrint Method for Cointegration Models (Modified OLS).
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