Man pages for cold
Count Longitudinal Data

anova-methodsMethods for Function anova in Package "cold"
coldFit of Parametric Models for Count Longitudinal Data via...
cold-classClass "cold" for Results of a Maximum Likelihood Estimation
coldControlAuxiliary for Controlling "cold" Fitting
coldIntegrateAuxiliary for Controlling "cold" Fitting
cold-packageCount Longitudinal Data
fitted-methodsExtract "cold" Fitted Values
getAICExtract the Akaike Information Criterion
getAIC-methodsExtract the Akaike Information Criterion
getLogLikExtract Log-Likelihood
getLogLik-methodsExtract Log-Likelihood
plot-methodsMethods for Function plot in Package "cold"
predict-methodsExtract "cold" Predict Values
resid-methodsExtract "cold" Residuals
show-methodsMethods for Function show in Package "cold"
summary.cold-classClass "summary.cold", Summary of "cold" Objects
summary-methodsMethods for Function summary in Package "cold"
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