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Quantified Risk Assessment Data Collection

calibration_questionsCalibration questions
check_readabilityCheck the readability of scenario text
clean_answersClean extreme answers
collector'collector' package
combine_capability_parametersCombine multiple SME distributions into a single unified view
combine_lognormWeight a set of lognormal parameters into a single...
combine_lognorm_truncWeight a set of lognormal parameters into a single...
combine_normWeight a set of normal parameters into a single distribution
combine_scenario_parametersCombine multiple SME distributions into a single unified view
derive_controlsGenerate the quantified capability parameters for a scenario
enforce_tidyrisk_question_setValidate that the parameter passed is a...
enforce_tidyrisk_response_setValidate that the parameter passed is a...
fit_capabilitiesFit SME capability estimates to distribution parameters
fit_capabilities_geomeanFit capability parameters via a geometric mean
fit_lognormFind parameters that fit quantile values of an unknown...
fit_lognorm_truncFind parameters that fit quantile values of an unknown...
fit_norm_truncFind parameters that fit quantile values of an unknown...
fit_poisFind parameters that fit a poisson distribution.
fit_scenariosFit SME scenario estimates to distribution parameters
fit_scenarios_geomeanFit scenario parameters by applying a geometric mean
fit_threat_communitiesFit each of the threat communities to a distribution
generate_cost_functionGenerate a sum of squares cost function for optimization
generate_weightsGenerate a weighting table for SMEs based upon their...
get_smes_domainsCalculate the prioritized list of domains for a given subject...
is_tidyrisk_question_setTest if the object is a tidyrisk_question_set
is_tidyrisk_response_setTest if the object is a tidyrisk_response_set
lognormal_to_normalConvert lognormal parameters to normal parameters
make_handoutsCreate a set of interview handouts for a SME
make_scorecardCreate a scorecard for marking progress through domains in an...
make_slidesCreate interview slides
mc_calibration_answersMetroCare Hospital Calibration Answers
mc_capabilitiesMetroCare Hospital Capabilities
mc_capability_answersMetroCare Hospital Capability Answers
mc_capability_parameters_fittedMetroCare Hospital Capability Parameters (fitted)
mc_domainsMetroCare Hospital Domains
mc_scenario_answersMetroCare Hospital Scenario Answers
mc_scenario_parameters_fittedMetroCare Hospital Scenario Parameters (fitted)
mc_scenariosMetroCare Risk Scenarios
mc_sme_top_domainsMetroCare Hospital SME Top Domains
mc_threat_communitiesMetroCare Hospital Threat Communities
mc_threat_parameters_fittedMetroCare Hospital Threat Parameters (fitted)
normal_to_lognormalConvert normal parameters to lognormal parameters
pipePipe operator
prepare_dataCreate one or more quantitative scenarios objects suitable...
read_questionsRead scenario questions
read_responsesRead all SMEs responses
tidyrisk_question_setConstruct a tidyrisk_question_set object
tidyrisk_response_setConstruct a tidyrisk_response_set object
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