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Builds color maps


This (v2) is a rewrite of the colorRamps package. It now contains two function table.ramp and rgb.tables that allow easy construction of color palettes. This version contains two new palettes similar to the Matlab default palette ( and matlab.like2).

I built colorRamps because I needed to use a particular palette and got tired of sourcing in my code into every session. Now I can install and forget. Despite using R for years, I had not noticed the alternative colorRamp which may suit your needs. If you want really attractive palettes, get the RColorBrewer package from CRAN. For certain applications the RColorBrewer palettes do not work for me, hence this package.


Package: colorRamps
Type: Package
Version: 2.0
Date: 2007-09-09
License: GPL

Most functions take a single argument n that specifies the number of colors to generate.


Tim Keitt

Maintainer: Tim Keitt <>


Keitt, T. H. (2008) Coherent ecological dynamics induced by large scale disturbance. Nature 454:331-334


filled.contour(volcano, col = ygobb(21), asp = 1)

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