Man pages for colordistance
Distance Metrics for Image Color Similarity

chisqDistanceChi-square distance between vectors
colorDistanceSum of Euclidean distances between color clusters
combineClustersAverage 3D color histograms by subdirectory
combineListCombine a list of cluster features into a single cluster set
convertColorSpaceConvert between color spaces
EMDistanceEarth mover's distance between two sets of color clusters
exportTreeExport a distance matrix as a tree object
extractClustersExtract cluster values and sizes from kmeans fit objects
getColorDistanceMatrixDistance matrix for a list of color cluster sets
getHistColorsVector of hex colors for histogram bin coloration
getHistListGenerate a list of cluster sets for multiple images
getImageHistGenerate a 3D histogram based on color distribution in an...
getImagePathsFetch paths to all valid images in a given directory
getKMeanColorsFit pixels to clusters using KMeans clustering
getKMeansListGet KMeans clusters for every image in a set
getLabHistGenerate a 3D histogram based on CIE Lab color coordinates in...
getLabHistListGenerate a list of cluster sets in CIE Lab color space
heatmapColorDistancePlot a heatmap of a distance matrix
imageClusterPipelineGenerate and plot a color distance matrix from a set of...
loadImageImport image and generate filtered 2D pixel array(s)
normalizeRGBNormalize pixel RGB ratios
orderClustersOrder color clusters to minimize overall color distance...
pausePause and wait for user input
plotClustersPlot clusters in 3D color space
plotClustersMultiPlot several different cluster sets together
plotHistColor histogram of binned image
plotImageDisplay an image in a plot window
plotPixelsPlot pixels in color space
removeBackgroundRemove background pixels in image
scatter3dclustersPlot 3D clusters in a 2D plot
weightedPairsDistanceDistance between color clusters with user-specified...
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