Man pages for colorpatch
Optimized Rendering of Fold Changes and Confidence Values

append-methodsAppends two palettes to form a single palette.
apply.colorApplies a function to each entry of a colorspace::color...
asTransforms palette to list of single colors.
as.list-methodsCreates a list with single colors from a palette.
ColorDistanceComputes the perceptional distance between two neighboring...
ColorPatchColorFunCreates a color function mapping (ratio, conf) tuples to a...
colorpatch-packageA small introduction to the colorpatch package.
ColorPatchSizeFunCreates a size function mapping (ratio, conf) to a single...
ColorRgbFunCreates a color mapping function
ComputeSymmetryComputes the symmetry of a given bi-variate color palette
CreateClusteredDataCreates clustered random data
CreateExampleDataCreates demonstration data of the colorpatch package
DistColorComputes the distance of to colors within a certain...
DistColorFunCreates a color distance function
FindUniformSequenceFinds a uniform color sequence within a non-uniform palette...
GeneratePalettesCreates color palettes and saves them as files
GreenRedRGBStandard RGB Green/Red two-sided color scale.
HsvColorFunCreates a color function mapping ratio/conf values to a HSV...
HsvSizeFunCreates a size function mapping ratio/conf to a patch size...
InterpolateColorFunLinear interpolation within a colorspace::color palette
length-methodsReturns the length of a palette (the number of entries).
LinColorSpaceCreates a linear color space between two colors
OptimBlueYellowLABOptimum RGB Blue/Yellow two-sided color scale in LAB color...
OptimGreenRedLABOptimum RGB Green/Red two-sided color scale in LAB color...
OptimizeBiColorOptimizes a bicolor palette
OrderDataOrders rows and columns of data.
OrderDataHclustOrders rows and column distances with 'stats::hclust()'
OrderDataTSPOrders rows and column distances with traveling salesman...
OrderWithTSPOrders a data set given a distance matrix with TSP
PlotSymmetryPlots the symmetry of a bivariate color scale
PlotUniformityPlots the uniformity of a color palette
ReadArraySRGBReads a sRGB color table as CSV file
stat_bicolorPlots a ratio/confidence plot using a bivariate colormap
stat_colorpatchA stat function for the use with ggplot2
StatColorPatchA ggplot2::ggproto class for showing color patches.
theme_colorpatchA ggplot2 theme for rendering colorpatches (black background)
ToDataFrameTransforms a ratio/conf data set to a ggplot dataframe
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