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Creates Co-Occurrence Matrices of Spatial Data

comat-packagecomat: Creates Co-Occurrence Matrices of Spatial Data
create_neighborhoodCreate neighborhood coordinates
get_cocomaCreate a co-located co-occurrence matrix (cocoma)
get_cocoveCreate a co-located co-occurrence vector (cocove)
get_comaCreate a co-occurrence matrix (coma)
get_coveCreate a co-occurrence vector (cove)
get_incomaCreate an integrated co-occurrence matrix (incoma)
get_incoveCreate an integrated co-occurrence vector (incove)
get_wecomaCreate a weighted co-occurrence matrix (wecoma)
get_wecoveCreate a weighted co-occurrence vector (wecove)
it_metricCalculates an Information Theory-based metric
raster_wA matrix with weights
raster_w_naA matrix with weights and missing values
raster_xA matrix with categories
raster_x_naA matrix with categories and missing values
raster_yA matrix with categories
rcpp_cell_from_xyGet cell number
rcpp_xy_from_matrixCoordinates from a matrix
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