Man pages for comparison
Multivariate likelihood ratio calculation and evaluation

calc.eceEmpirical cross-entropy calculation
calibrate.setInternal function - calibrate the set
comparison-packageCalculates and compares likelihood ratios for...
compcovar-classClass of object 'compcovar'
compitem-classClass of object 'compitem'
ece-classClass of object 'ece'
glassData - elemental composition of glass
plotMethods for 'plot' in Package 'graphics'
two.level.comparison.itemsCreates a 'compitem' object
two.level.componentsCreates a 'compcovar' object
two.level.density.LRLikelihood ratio calculation - kernel density
two.level.lindley.LRLikelihood ratio calculation - normal - Lindley's approach
two.level.normal.LRLikelihood ratio calculation - normal
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