Man pages for compboost
C++ Implementation of Component-Wise Boosting

BaselearnerCustomCreate custom base-learner factory by using R functions.
BaselearnerCustomCppCreate custom cpp base-learner factory by using cpp functions...
BaselearnerPolynomialBase-learner factory to make polynomial regression
BaselearnerPSplineBase-learner factory to do non-parametric B or P-spline...
BlearnerFactoryListBase-learner factory list to define the set of base-learners
boostLinearWrapper to boost linear models for each feature.
boostSplinesWrapper to boost p spline models for each feature.
CompboostCompboost API
Compboost_internalMain Compboost Class
getCustomCppExampleGet example C++ script to define a custom cpp logger
InMemoryDataIn memory data class to store data in RAM
LoggerInbagRiskLogger class to log the inbag risk
LoggerIterationLogger class to log the current iteration
LoggerListLogger list class to collect all loggers
LoggerOobRiskLogger class to log the out of bag risk
LoggerTimeLogger class to log the elapsed time
LossAbsoluteAbsolute loss for regression tasks.
LossBinomial0-1 Loss for binary classification derived of the binomial...
LossCustomCreate LossCustom by using R functions.
LossCustomCppCreate custom cpp losses by using cpp functions and external...
LossQuadraticQuadratic loss for regression tasks.
OptimizerCoordinateDescentGreedy Optimizer
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