Man pages for compeir
Event-specific incidence rates for competing risks data

cifParametrically estimating the cumulative incidence function
CIFplotPlotting estimates of the cumulative incidence function
compeir-packageCompeting events incidence rates and corresponding statistics
data.reshapeReshaping individual patient data
ipropEvent-specific incidence proportions
iratesCompeting events incidence rates
irates.ratioRatio between two event-specific incidence rates
okissBloodstream infections in stem-cell transplanted patients
plot.iratesComprehensive multi-state graphic for competing risks...
print.ipropPrint method for 'iprop' object
print.iratesPrint method for 'irates' object
print.irates.ratioPrint method for 'irates.ratio' object
sir.admPneumonia on admission in intenive care unit patients
summary.iratesSummary method for 'irates' object
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