Man pages for compoisson
Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Distribution

com.compute.zCompute COM-Poisson Normalizing Constant
com.confintComputes a confidence interval for parameter estimates of the...
com.expectationComputes Expectation of a Function of a COM-Poisson Random...
com.fitComputes COM-Poisson Regression
com.log.densityComputes the Log PMF of the COM-Poisson Distribution
com.loglikelihoodComputes Log-Likelihood of COM-Poisson
com.logspaceOperations in Log-space
com.meanComputes Mean of the COM-Poisson Distribution
compoisson-dataInsurance Count Datasets
compoisson-packageConway-Maxwell Poisson Distribution
com.varComputes Variance of the COM-Poisson Distribution
dcomThe COM-Poisson Distribution
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