Man pages for concurve
Computes & Plots Compatibility (Confidence), Surprisal, & Likelihood Distributions

concurve-packageA description of the 'concurve' 'R' package
curve_bootGenerate Consonance Functions via Bootstrapping
curve_compareCompare Two Functions and Produces An AUC Score
curve_corrConsonance Functions for Correlations
curve_genConsonance Functions For Linear Models, Generalized Linear...
curve_likCompute Profile Likelihood Functions
curve_lmerConsonance Functions For Linear & Non-Linear Mixed-Effects...
curve_meanConsonance Functions For Mean Differences
curve_metaConsonance Functions For Meta-Analytic Data
curve_revReverse Engineer Consonance / Likelihood Functions Using the...
curve_survConsonance Functions For Survival Data
curve_tableProduce Tables For concurve Functions
defunctDeprecated functions in 'concurve'
ggcurvePlots Consonance, Surprisal, and Likelihood Functions
plot_compareGraph and Compare Consonance, Surprisal, and Likelihood...
RobustMaxRobust Max, an alternative to max() that doesn't throw a...
RobustMinRobust Min, an alternative to max() that doesn't throw a...
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
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