Man pages for confreq
Configural Frequencies Analysis Using Log-Linear Modeling

binomial_test_cfaBinomial Test
CFAConfigural Frequencies Analysis Main Function
chi_local_test_cfaLocal Chi-Square Test
confreq-packageConfigural Frequencies Analysis Using Log-linear Modeling
dat2covconversion of a covariate dataset into summary covariate...
dat2fredataset to pattern frequency conversion
design_cfg_cfaDesignmatrix for log linear CFA models
df_des_cfaDegrees of freedom
expected_cfaExpected frequencies with glm
expected_margin_cfaExpected frequencies using margins
fre2datpattern frequency to dataset conversion
ftabTabulating Answer Categories in Data
lazarThe Data Example from Lazarsfeld and Henry
Lienert1978The Lienert (1978) Data
LienertLSDThe Lienert LSD Data
lrLikelihood Ratio Chi-square (LR)
newbornsThe Data Example from Stemmler 2014
pos_cfg_cfaPossible configurations
S2CFAConfigural Frequencies Analysis for two Samples.
stirling_cfaApproximation to the binomial using Stirling's Formula
suicideThe Lienert suicide Data
summary.CFAS3 Summary for CFA
summary.S2CFAS3 Summary for S2CFA
z_tests_cfaTwo z-Approximation Tests
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