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Add a splitting box


This function will create a horizontally aligned nodes. The horizontal coordinate will be automatically calculated if the coordinates not provided.


add_split(prev_box, txt, text_width = NULL, ...)



Previous node that the newly created split box will be aligned.


Text in the node. If the 'prev_box' is a horizontally aligned multiple nodes, a vector of with the same length must be provided.


a positive integer giving the target column for wrapping lines in the output. String will not be wrapped if not defined (default). The stri_wrap function will be used if stringi package installed as it is a better options for non-Latin language, otherwise strwrap will be used.


Other parameters pass to textbox,


A consort.list object.

See Also

add_box, add_side_box textbox


txt1 <- "Population (n=300)"
txt1_side <- "Excluded (n=15): \n
              \u2022 MRI not collected (n=3)\n
              \u2022 Tissues not collected (n=4)\n
              \u2022 Other (n=8)"

g <- add_box(txt = txt1)

g <- add_side_box(g, txt = txt1_side)

g <- add_box(g, txt = "Randomized (n=200)")

g <- add_split(g, txt = c("Arm A (n=100)", "Arm B (n=100"))
g <- add_side_box(g,
  txt = c(
    "Excluded (n=15):\n
                  \u2022 MRI not collected (n=3)\n
                  \u2022 Tissues not collected (n=4)\n
                   \u2022 Other (n=8)",
    "Excluded (n=15):\n
                   \u2022 MRI not collected (n=3)\n
                   \u2022 Tissues not collected (n=4)"

g <- add_box(g, txt = c("Final analysis (n=100)", "Final analysis (n=100"))
g <- add_label_box(g, txt = c("1" = "Screening", "3" = "Randomized", "4" = "Final analysis"))

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