Man pages for contact
Creating Contact and Social Networks

baboonsReal-time location data for 19 baboons
calvesReal-time location data for 10 calves on May 2nd 2016
calves2018Real-time location data for 20 calves in June 2018
confineIdentify and Remove Data Points Outside of a Specified Area
contactCompare_binomExact Binomial Test for Comparing Observed Contacts to a...
contactCompare_chisqCompare Observed Contacts to a Random Distribution Using...
contactCompare_mantelStatistically Compare Two Contact Matrices
contact-defunctDefunct functions in contact
contactDur.allIdentify Inter-animal Contacts
contactDur.areaIdentify Environmental Contacts
contactTestDetermine if Observed Contacts are More or Less Frequent than...
dateFakeCreate Fake Date Information
datetime.appendAppend Date-Time Information to a Dataset
dist2All_dfCalculate Distances Between All Individuals
dist2Area_dfCalculate Distances Between Individuals and Fixed...
dt.calcCalculate Time Difference Between Relocations
dupIdentify and Remove Duplicated Data Points
findDistThreshIdentify Point-Based Distance Threshold for Contact
makePlanarProject Geographic Coordinates onto a Plane
mpsIdentify and Remove Data Points Based on Observed Movement...
ntwrkEdgesCompile List of Network Edges from a Contact Table
potentialDurationsIdentify Potential Contact Durations
randomizeFeatureRandomize or Pseudorandomize Categorical Variables
randomizePathsRandomize or Pseudorandomize Individuals' Relocation Events
referencePoint2PolygonCreate a Rectangular Polygon Using Planar XY Coordinates
repositionReferencePointMove Data Point a Specified Distance
socialEdgesIdentify Edges in Social Networks
summarizeContactsSummarize Contact Events
tempAggregateSmooth Point-Locations Over Time
timeBlock.appendAppend TimeBlock Information to a Data Frame
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