Man pages for contingency
Discrete Multivariate Probability Distributions

aperm.tablesPermute dimensions of tables
as.array.tablesConvert tables into array
as.matrix.tablesConvert tables into matrix
as_tablesAs tables
capplyApply function over tables
checkCICheck conditional independence
entropyCalculate entropy of discrete distribution
interactionInfInteraction information
klKullback-Leibler Divergence
marginGet margin of a table or tables
margin.tablesGet the marginal distributions
mutualInf(Conditional) mutual information
ntablesNumber of tables
perm_dimPermute indices for variable 'k'
print.tablesPrint tables
rprobMatGenerate matrix of (conditional) probability distributions
sub-.tablesSubset object of class tables
tdimDimension of distributions over contingency tables
tdimnamesDimension names for distributions over contingency tables
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