Conversion factors for various units



This table provides the conversion factors for convert. The conversion factor is broken into four componts: A, B, C, and D. Units are converted from the origin unit (X) to the respective SI base unit (BU) using the following formula:

BU = (A + B*X) / (C + D*X)

The data orginates from the POSC Units of Measure Dictionary v2.2 and Wikipedia




A data frame with 1511 rows and 11 variables:

  • name: Name of the origin unit

  • quantity_type: Description of what the unit is used to measure

  • catalog_name: Origin of unit specification

  • catelog_symbol: Symbol for the unit

  • rp66_symbol: Recomended Practice 66 unit

  • base_unit: Equivalent System Internationale (SI) base unit

  • a: Conversion factor

  • b: Conversion factor

  • c: Conversion factor

  • d: Conversion factor

  • multi_unit: Can the unit be converted to other units?