corpora: Statistics and data sets for corpus frequency data

Utility functions and data sets for the statistical analysis of corpus frequency data, used in the SIGIL statistics course.

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AuthorStefan Evert []
Date of publication2012-04-04 13:26:36
MaintainerStefan Evert <>

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binom.pval Man page
BNCbiber Man page
BNCcomparison Man page
BNCdomains Man page
BNCInChargeOf Man page
BNCmeta Man page
chisq Man page
chisq.pval Man page
cont.table Man page
corpora Man page
corpora-package Man page
FakeCensus Man page
fisher.pval Man page
prop.cint Man page
sample.df Man page
simulated.census Man page
simulated.wikipedia Man page
VSS Man page
WackypediaStats Man page
z.score Man page
z.score.pval Man page

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