Man pages for corpustools
Managing, Querying and Analyzing Tokenized Text

add_collocation_labelChoose and add collocation strings based on collocation...
as.tcorpusForce an object to be a tCorpus class
as.tcorpus.defaultForce an object to be a tCorpus class
as.tcorpus.tCorpusForce an object to be a tCorpus class
backbone_filterExtract the backbone of a network.
calc_chi2Compute the chi^2 statistic for a 2x2 crosstab containing the...
compare_documents_dtmCompare the documents in a dtm with a sliding window over...
corenlp_tokenscoreNLP example sentences
create_tcorpusCreate a tCorpus
docfreq_filterSupport function for subset method
dtm_compareCompare two document term matrices
dtm_wordcloudPlot a word cloud from a dtm
ego_semnetCreate an ego network
freq_filterSupport function for subset method
get_global_iCompute global feature positions
get_stopwordsGet a character vector of stopwords
laplaceLaplace (i.e. add constant) smoothing
list_resourcesList downloaded resources
merge_tcorporaMerge tCorpus objects
plot_semnetVisualize a semnet network
plot.vocabularyComparisonvisualize vocabularyComparison
plot_wordsPlot a wordcloud with words ordered and coloured according to...
preprocess_tokensPreprocess tokens in a character vector
print.contextHitsS3 print for contextHits class
print.featureHitsS3 print for featureHits class
print.tCorpusS3 print for tCorpus class
refresh_tcorpusRefresh a tCorpus object using the current version of...
require_packageCheck if package with given version exists
resources_pathGet name of the resources location
set_network_attributesSet some default network attributes for pretty plotting
set_resources_pathSpecifiy the path where the downloaded resources are stored
sgtSimple Good Turing smoothing
sotu_textsState of the Union addresses
stopwords_listBasic stopword lists
summary.contextHitsS3 summary for contextHits class
summary.featureHitsS3 summary for featureHits class
summary.tCorpusSummary of a tCorpus object
tCorpustCorpus: a corpus class for tokenized texts
tCorpus-cash-code_featuresCode features in a tCorpus based on a search string
tCorpus-cash-compare_corpusCompare tCorpus vocabulary to that of another (reference)...
tCorpus-cash-compare_documentsCalculate the similarity of documents
tCorpus-cash-compare_subsetCompare vocabulary of a subset of a tCorpus to the rest of...
tCorpus-cash-contextGet a context vector
tCorpus-cash-deduplicateDeduplicate documents
tCorpus-cash-delete_columnsDelete column from the data and meta data
tCorpus-cash-dtmCreate a document term matrix.
tCorpus-cash-feature_associationsGet common nearby terms given a feature query
tCorpus-cash-feature_statsFeature statistics
tCorpus-cash-feature_subsetFilter features
tCorpus-cash-getAccess the data from a tCorpus
tCorpus-cash-kwicGet keyword-in-context (KWIC) strings
tCorpus-cash-lda_fitEstimate a LDA topic model
tCorpus-cash-preprocessPreprocess feature
tCorpus-cash-read_textPrint tokens as text
tCorpus-cash-search_contextsSearch for documents or sentences using Boolean queries
tCorpus-cash-search_featuresFind tokens using a Lucene-like search query
tCorpus-cash-search_recodeRecode features in a tCorpus based on a search string
tCorpus-cash-semnetCreate a semantic network based on the co-occurence of tokens...
tCorpus-cash-semnet_windowCreate a semantic network based on the co-occurence of tokens...
tCorpus-cash-setModify the token and meta data.tables of a tCorpus
tCorpus-cash-set_levelsChange levels of factor columns
tCorpus-cash-set_nameChange column names of data and meta data
tCorpus-cash-set_specialDesignate column as columns with special meaning (token,...
tCorpus-cash-subsetSubset a tCorpus
tCorpus-cash-subset_querySubset tCorpus token data using a query
tCorpus-cash-top_featuresShow top features
tCorpus_compareCorpus comparison
tCorpus_createCreating a tCorpus
tCorpus_dataMethods for viewing, modifying and subsetting tCorpus data
tCorpus_docsimDocument similarity
tCorpus_featuresPreprocessing, subsetting and analyzing features
tCorpus_modify_by_referenceModify tCorpus by reference
tCorpus_queryingUse Boolean queries to analyze the tCorpus
tCorpus_semnetFeature co-occurrence based semantic network analysis
tCorpus_topmodTopic modeling
tokens_to_tcorpusCreate a tcorpus based on tokens (i.e. preprocessed texts)
tokenWindowOccurenceGives the window in which a term occured in a matrix.
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