Man pages for corrr
Correlations in R

as_cordfCoerce lists and matrices to correlation data frames
as_matrixConvert a correlation data frame to matrix format
autoplot.cor_dfCreate a correlation matrix from a cor_df object
colpair_mapApply a function to all pairs of columns in a data frame
correlateCorrelation Data Frame
corrr-packagecorrr: Correlations in R
diceReturns a correlation table with the selected fields only
fashionFashion a correlation data frame for printing.
first_colAdd a first column to a data.frame
focusFocus on section of a correlation data frame.
focus_ifConditionally focus correlation data frame
network_plotNetwork plot of a correlation data frame
pair_nNumber of pairwise complete cases.
rearrangeRe-arrange a correlation data frame
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
retractCreates a data frame from a stretched correlation table
rplotPlot a correlation data frame.
shaveShave off upper/lower triangle.
stretchStretch correlation data frame into long format.
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