Man pages for couchDB
Connect to and Work with CouchDB Databases

couch_attachAdd attachment to document
couch_create_databaseCreate database
couchDBFunctions to interact with a couchDB document database
couch_deleteDelete a record.
couch_fetchFetch a document/record.
couch_fetch_attachmentFetch attachment
couch_fetch_attachment_urlGet attachment url
couch_fetch_defaultFetch document/record from default store.
couch_http_connectionConnection to couchDB
couch_list_databasesList available databases.
couch_new_objectNew couchDB document
couch_pingPing connection
couch_set_default_connectionSet default connection
couch_set_default_databaseSet a database as default document store
couch_storeStore a record
couch_store_defaultStore a document on the default connection.
print.couch_connectionPrint method for couchDB connection object
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